Our Vision
To collaborate with Strategic partners to provide the funds neccesary to assist Veterans and children in meningful ways

 Who We Are

What started on March 20, 2013, in Piedmont park, with just twenty-one bologna sandwiches has now grown into one of Atlanta’s most  powerful nonprofit organizations. We have fed, clothed, and served tens of thousands of homeless people, provided Veterans with reconstructive and general dentistry, Fed over 3,300 First responders in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, and donated well over a thousand brand new winter coats for children in Atlanta’s poorest neighborhoods.

Hands Across Atlanta is making a Difference

We have 2 Main Branches:

1) Our Veterans Branch

–  Smiles Program: Reconstructive and general dentistry for Veterans. We noticed several of the homeless Veterans were in dire need of dental work. We started with one, and through the donations of local dentists volunteering their work, we have helped dozens of veterans with this program. 

Headstart Program: When a veteran returns from active duty and begins his transition to civilian life, they need a “head start”.  At Hands Across Atlanta, we are helping to make that transition a little easier. Our program provides a returning veteran with a backpacked filled with the tools they need for a successful transition.


2) Our Children’s Branch 

Jackets In JulyThe unprecedented crisis created by the Covid-19 Pandemic is impacting the lives of millions of people. Families who were already struggling are now at severe risk, and many will be unable to pay their utility bills. The amount of children in need will be greater than ever before. Hands Across Atlanta identified this as a crucial need and has taken proactive measures in collecting winter coats during the fall and winter. So far, we have collected 1,000 Winter coats to date and counting. 

Working Together to Be the Change We Want to See

Meet Our Execuitve Director

Letter from the Executive Director

Thank you so much for your interest in Hands Across Atlanta.

My name is Devin Wills, and I am honored to be Chairman of the Board and Execuitve Director of one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing nonprofit Organizations.

My journey all began when I was 20 Years Old when my life took an unforeseen turn of events on september 4th, 2017, when I witnessed my father experience a sudden heart attack. Immediatly I sprung into action to begin CPR to try and resuscitate him. Time had never gone by slower. Focused and determined to save my dad I gave it all I had. The paramedics eventually arrived after what felt like an eternity. 


Unfortunatly.. despite my best efforts to keep my dad alive. It was not enough. The doctor at the hospital had called it offically at 10:34 am shortly upon my our arrival.


That was the hardest day of my entire life. My dad was my very best friend. We did everything together. We shared many incredibele adventures together and ill cherish those memories always. I had never trusted anybody else in my entire life as I did my dad. While going through all of this I wound up going down a dark path full of saddness and deep depression.


It wasn’t until several years later that I began to seek answers and claw my way back to a heatlier lifestyle. One of the last things my dad planned on us doing together was getting more involved in charity work. We had a meeting planned for thursday to meet Marcus Acosta, The Founder of Hands Across Atlanta.


It took some time, but i began to get more and more involved with this Charity and many others. I began making Humanitarian work a massive part of my life and identity day by day.  I experienced an incredible change. It was as if I suddenly realized that my life had more meaning. The fullfillment I felt slowly helped cure the disastrous rut I had fallen into. 

Taking on the problems of others, I began to feel the need to search for more and more ways to serve others. It wasn’t just a distraction from my own issues, but therapeutic in a way. Helping others was the fuel I needed to make a change. Out of a terrible catastrophe, Something beautiful emerged for me. A new beginning.. 

Now Two years sober, I have stepped into this position dedicated to helping others who are facing adversity find the resources and strength to move forward. With our High caliber board of directors, Thousands of Loving volunteers, and countless dedicated donors of our mission. Through hard work and long hours, Hands Across Atlanta is primed to find creative methods to equip thousands of young Children and Veteran’s less fortunate, with the resoruces they need to better live and imporve the city of Atlanta overall in a powerful way. 

We plan on bringing bring sunshine to the world of those who live in darkness, as well as help anybody we can to get them back on their feet.

Every dollar donated to help others comes back two-fold, helping supply those with less and giving pride back to those who served so honorably. I believe we are capable of making a difference, and any time you contribute to that difference, we leave the world a better place for our Children.

Thank you very much on behalf of our Hands Across Atlanta Family.

Devin Wills

Chariman of the Board/ Executive Director 

Devin Wills

 Chairman of the board/ Executive Director 


+ 1000’s of big-hearted volunteers

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