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What started five years ago with just twenty bologna sandwiches has grown into an impactful grassroots organization that has fed tens of thousands of people to date in the Atlanta area and beyond. Achieved with the service of local volunteers, Hands Across Atlanta, a charity focused on feeding those who are homeless, is making a difference.

Hands Across Atlanta is entirely self-funded and it’s growing numbers of volunteers will continue their walks through downtown Every Second Sunday of the Month, providing food, clothing, and a testament to the power of human compassion for those in need.

Minimizing the Impact of Homelessness in Atlanta

Meet Our Founder

Letter from the Founder

Thank you so much for visiting our Hands Across Atlanta Homepage.

My name is Marcus Acosta and I am the Founder of this wonderful organization.

I began this Organization when I was 23, after my Mother came down with Stage 4 Cancer, and I felt that I was receiving a message that I needed change my life entirely. I ended up leaving a well paying office job to begin devoting my life to serving others. Incredibly, my Mother beat the Cancer and out of this tragic event something beautiful emerged.

We began leading groups downtown to feed the homeless once a month. What began as one or two friends quickly became hundreds of men and women! Suddenly we were going Viral throughout Atlanta!

Every month, for the last several years, we have worked together with hundreds of Volunteers,  just like you, to better the lives of those living on the streets of Atlanta. Through hard work and long hours, we have managed to remove the fear of starvation from our city, as well as providing warmth to the thousands of men and women living on our streets.

Through our dentistry program, we have given those in need, the dental assistance they needed.

We have raised all the funding to do so through our wonderful volunteers like you.

We plan to continue to bring sunshine to the world of those who live in darkness, as well as help anybody we can get back onto their feet.

Our next big project is building homes for our Veterans, as a staggering 1/4 of those living on our streets have served in the United States Military! We have shown consistently that any task we take on has been a success, yet this will be our biggest goal we have ever attempted, and if we are going to succeed, we are going to need your help.

Every dollar donated to help others comes back two fold, that is why I personally have financed this organization for the last 4 years as we earned the right to be a 501(C)(3)…because I believe we are capable of making a difference, and any time you contribute to that difference, we leave the world a better place for our Children.

Thank you very much on behalf of our Hands Across Atlanta Family.

Marcus Acosta
President / Founder
Hands Across Atlanta

Marcus Acosta



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