Slot Machine Available Online with Pirate Pays Megaways

Slot Machine Available Online with Pirate Pays Megaways

Reviews of the Online Slots Game Pirate Pays Megaways

When you play the Pirate Pays Megaways slot at online casinos, you have the opportunity to win prizes worth up to 104,400 times your initial wager. The rear of their ship serves as the backdrop for six reels, each of which may contain up to seven symbols. You will come across vibrant diamonds, exotic birds, and wheels, as well as a precious compass that may add additional wild symbols.

Set loose the terrifying Kraken and benefit from up to 25 free games with multipliers when you do so. In an interesting pre-spin feature, you will have the opportunity to either accept or decline the extra games.

The slot machine known as Pirate Pays Megaways is known for its high level of volatility, with an average return rate of 96.23 percent. You may play at some of the greatest sites that sell the Big Time Gaming portfolio on both personal computers and mobile devices.

Instructions for Playing the Slot Machine Pirate Pays Megaways

As each of the six reels on the Pirate Pays Megaways slot machine spins, a colorful sea shanty is played in the background. The stern of the ship, which is slowly rocking back and forth, is adorned with a variety of symbols, including treasure chests and playing card insignia; yet, in an interesting twist, there are no real pirates present. You won’t miss having a motley cast of characters, though, since the game maintains its bright and cheery aesthetic across several mobile platforms, including Windows PCs, Android, and iOS.

At the best online slots sites, players have the option of placing bets ranging from $0.20 to $20,000 on each spin. While this may seem like a limited betting range, it is really pretty typical for Megaways slot machines. To pick a bet that is within your financial means, use the green arrow buttons that are located below the stake indication.

The button that looks like a blue triangle with three thin lines on it will open the paytable, where you can see how much each symbol is worth. This option is unlocked by the arrows that are arranged in a circle. In order to win, you must line up between three and six instances of the same symbol on adjacent reels moving left to right. With the Megaways system, the number of symbols that appear on each reel may range from two all the way up to seven, and as the number of symbols increases, it gets that much simpler to win. If you get the most valued symbol—a purple jewel—on all six reels at the same time, you will get a payout equal to 25 times your original wager.

Free Spins and Various Other Pays for Pirates Bonuses for Playing Slots on Megaways

The parrot is a wild sign, meaning that it may substitute for any other symbol and contribute to the completion of winning combos. When you achieve a victory, the symbols that were involved disappear, and the symbols above them move down to fill the spaces they leave behind. This feature is referred to as “Reactions” by Big Time Gaming; nevertheless, cascading reels and tumbling reels are two more names for the same thing. The chain reaction will keep going as long as it continues to produce new winning combinations.

One of the reels below the middle four rotates in a horizontal direction. It may carry standard symbols or a compass, which can point in any of the four cardinal directions: north, south, east, or west. The remaining symbol locations on that direction are subsequently filled by free-flying parrots. When three or more gold or purple treasure chests appear in any location, the Kraken is awoken and a wonderful free games round with two stages is triggered.

On one side of the ship is a table that displays free spins ranging from 6 to 20, while on the other side is a table that displays multipliers ranging from 1x to 10x. Up to five parts may be obliterated by the cannons before the Kraken presents an opportunity for a bonus round depending on the choices that are still available. You have the option of accepting its offer, in which case the cannons will fire and remove further choices from the table. Caution is advised, though, since declining an offer might result in a free spins feature that offers less winning opportunities. If the purple chest was one of the symbols that triggered the round, you will be given an improved offer, and the 10 alternatives with the lowest value will be eliminated from the next round automatically.

As soon as the free spins begin, the initial multiplier will be applied to the first win, and it will continue to rise by one time for each Reaction that occurs during the bonus games. If three or four more treasure boxes emerge at the same time, you are awarded five or ten additional spins respectively.

The maximum wins, average returns, and volatility of the Pirate Pays Megaways slot machine

You have the potential to earn 104,400 times your initial wager if you get enough Reactions while playing the free spins bonus round. This would translate to a whopping 2,088,000.00 if you wagered the maximum amount. Because of the extreme volatility of the Pirate Pays Megaways slot machine, you should choose a betting level that allows you to weather a string of consecutive losses. The return on investment over the long run is rather substantial, coming in at 96.23 percent.

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