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Who Are We?

What started five years ago with just twenty bologna sandwiches has grown into an impactful grassroots organization that has fed tens of thousands of people to date in the Atlanta area and beyond. Achieved with the service of local volunteers, Hands Across Atlanta, a charity focused on feeding those who are homeless, is making a difference.

Hands Across Atlanta is entirely self-funded and it’s growing numbers of volunteers will continue their walks through downtown Every Second Sunday of the Month, providing food, clothing, and a testament to the power of human compassion for those in need.

Minimizing the Impact of Homelessness in Atlanta

Meet Our Founder

Always remember, “even if you can only help 1 out of every 10 people, it matters to that one person.”

Our Founder, Marcus Acosta, is no stranger to hardships. He describes himself as “one of the poor kids, helping the poor.” He adds that as a society, “what we don’t realize is many of us have loving families to help us when we fall, but the big thing I’ve noticed over the past years is that the folks we help don’t have families like that. They have nobody looking out for them and then all of a sudden they’re out on the street…and once you’re out on the street, it’s very hard to get back into society.”

Hands Across Atlanta hopes to change that narrative. For Acosta, “changing lives is the main goal.”

Marcus Acosta



+ 100’s of big-hearted volunteers

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